Tuesday, 14 June 2011

21 Questions To Ask A Guy

Can you imagine a world without questions? How would relationships be without them? The answer: less comprehension and more misunderstanding.

Understanding and comprehension is needed in every relationship because they are the fuel that keep trust alive. In a romantic relationship, no trust means no intimacy and without intimacy the relationship is definitely not romantic.

Couples who have understanding and comprehension also have trust and therefore, have more intimacy because of it. They also feel more comfortable being around their partner.

One of the main reasons why it's so difficult to recovery from an infidelity is because couples loose trust and at the same time loose intimacy. Questions about that infidelity might help give a little more comprehension and understanding to why it happened and at the same time restore some trust.

The following are 21 questions to ask a guy in order to understand and comprehend more about him and the relationship, and help build comprehension, understanding and trust.

21 questions to ask a guy:

1- If I had an accident and be left with terrible scars for life, would you still love me?
2- What is it of me that you like the most?
3- How do you remember your first love?
4- After me, who is your closest female friend? (excluding your mother, and other family members)
5- How do you remember my first impression?
6- Would you leave me for a celebrity that really really liked you?
7- Are you a virgin?
8- Do you still have feelings for an ex?
9- What is your best kept intimate secret?
10- How do you visualize the perfect woman? What are her attributes?
11- Who was your first girlfriend?
12- How would you react if I was dating another guy?
13- At what age do you plan to get married?
14- What is it that you don't like about me?
15- What would be your best reason to break up with me?
16- How would you react if the doctor told me that I have a deadly disease? Would you still love me?
17- If I had to move far away for many years, would you wait for me?
18- If we had a child born with health problems, how would you handle the situation?
19- What are your financial goals for the future?
20- How and when would you know if I am the right one?
21- Do you believe in God? Why?


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